Live In San Antonio

by Paula on January 14, 2014

I just got back from my trip to San Antonio, Texas.

While I was there taking in the sites and experiencing the culture of the city, I shot a few videos to share with you (including a recording in front of the Alamo with lots of people walking around me!) with a few tips as to why you might not be attracting the level of clients or the amount of money you want for your business and your life.  Enjoy!

You can check them out here:

Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


3 Steps to Breaking Your Money Blocks

by Paula on October 11, 2013

Image courtesy of jannoon028Three Steps To Breaking Your Money Blocks

Are you sick and tired of struggling with money?  For some reason you just can’t seem to “get” to the level of income that you want?  Maybe you manifest money easily, but it goes out as quickly as it comes in?  Or you just can’t bust through that glass ceiling over your income level.

Whatever your struggle with money is…the solution is the sameYou’ve got a money block and until you remove it, you’re going to stay stuck.   Which is why I want to share the 3 steps to breaking your money blocks.

Step 1.  Recognize that money is not outside of your control.

This is a big step to breaking through your money blocks.  You have been conditioned to believe money is separate from you.

You see it as something that exists outside of you whether it’s paper, shiny metal discs, numbers on a bank account or a plastic card.  Here’s the thing.  These are just tokens.  They REPRESENT money but in fact are not money.

Money in its truest form is an expression of your being.  The tokens are merely what you take in exchange for your energy.  You give of yourself to benefit someone or an organization and they, in turn, give you a token that you can exchange for what you want at a later time.

Some people say they wish we could go back to bartering.  Bartering is no different than accepting tokens, with one exception.  It limits what you can exchange.  The point here is that WHAT you are exchanging is your energy.  It can be physical labor, your thinking, your time, your expertise or something you create.

The form in which you choose to give of yourself is irrelevant.  It is your energy that you are exchangingYour energy does not exist outside of yourself nor is your energy outside of your control.

Think about that last statement.  Your energy does not exist outside of yourself.  When you understand this you will begin to see that YOU, not the people through whom the tokens come to you, are the source of your energy…of your money.  And because money is an expression of you, it forms a perfect mirror which reflects what you believe about yourself and what you deserve.  Which brings us to step two.

Step 2.  Decide to manifest more money.

You are deciding each moment of every day what you can and cannot have.  Most of you are making these choices from a subconscious level, a default programming of the mind which you have been conditioned to accept as real.  These are the ideas, concepts and beliefs you have about money, about who you are, about how the world works and your place in it.

When you make a decision, the Universe conspires to create what you are wantingThe problem most of you are facing is that you are making your decisions based on what you don’t want instead of what you want, and THAT is what you are manifesting.

For example, you don’t want debt.  You rephrase to think that you want enough money to clear your debt.  Debt is still a belief that exists within you and even though you want more money, you are focusing on debt.  Debt is a belief in lack.  You cannot believe in lack AND create abundance.

Because you are not looking at the underlying thinking that is dictating your finances (what’s going on within you) and are instead looking outside of yourself to figure out how to get money from others, you are stuck and frustrated. 

You are trying to create a solution to your problem (money struggle) with the same thinking that created it in the first place (a misunderstanding of the energy of money and how it operates.)

You MUST decide to think differently. You must make the choice to manifest more money and block the thinking that is telling you why you can’t.  This sounds simple and it really is…but that does not mean it is easy.  Easy comes when you truly understand that you are a co-creator with the Universe.  Which brings us to step number three.

Step 3.  Allow money to come to you.

So how do I allow money to come to me if it’s an expression of my being?  Simple.  Give of yourself in service to others and allow them to give back to you.  That means you need to be open to RECEIVING.  What you are receiving are the tokens that you identify as money.  These tokens are a great indicator of how well you are giving of your energy and how well you are allowing it to return to you.

The Universal Law of the Circle says that what you give you receiveWhat you sow you reap.  What you cause will result in an effect you experience.  Give of yourself in service to benefit others and that energy you gave will go out into the world and return to you one-hundred fold.  But here’s the deal…

Give out of obligation and a sense of lack and limitation, and the energy (money) that returns to you will be limited and constricting.

If you are working a job for the money and benefits that it pays but have no joy or bliss in doing that work, you are giving out of obligation.  AND you are living from a place of survival.  You need the money to pay your bills.  No wonder your money feels limited, blocked and restricted.  No wonder it goes out as quickly as it comes in.  And, no wonder you can’t break through the income ceiling you’ve created.

When you give out of joy, love for what you do, excitement and gratitude knowing that others enjoy and benefit from your work, THAT is the energy that returns to you.  More bliss, joy and expansion = more money!  Money comes freely and easily to you because you are open to receiving the love, joy and bliss that you have sent out into the world.

It’s like breathing.  Breathe in a constricted manner and you are forced to inhale and exhale through that same constriction.  Imagine breathing through a straw.  It takes effort and work to get enough air. Open your mouth, your nose and your lungs fully and the air flows in and out easily and effortlessly.  It’s the same thing with money.

In summary, refuse to believe the thinking that tells you why you cannot succeed, why you can’t afford to have or do, or why you don’t deserve to be better off.  Make the decision to manifest more money and live life on your terms.

When you make a decision, the Universe conspires to create what you are wanting. 

Follow inspired action that calls you to do the work your heart longs for and be open to receiving the appreciation and gratitude others have for the work you do and you WILL manifest more money!

Transformationally yours,

Paula Houlihan

The Money Alchemist

If this article resonates with you and you want to discuss how I can help you break free of your money blocks contact me by email at to schedule a free “Break Through Your Money Blocks” discovery session.

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